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Student Services

Opportunities for Ministry and Student Outreach 

There are several services that students who join LIMM can access and enjoy. Among them are the following:

  1. Student Outreach – Students will participate at a designated area for outreach once a semester. A venue will be provided for the students to join. 

  2. Mission Trip – Students are required to participate in missions trips. There will be a trip scheduled each year. Announcements will be made via the website, and social media.

Student Mentorship Programme


All students will receive academic, spiritual and student support through the Student Mentorship Programme, in which they will be assigned a Faculty Advisor and Student Success Coach. The faculty and peer mentors teach strategies for college success, assess students’ progress in their courses and sharpen study skills. Student Mentorship Programme was designed to provide academic and spiritual support and develop the competencies necessary to thrive in a college setting.

to Our School

Every student enrolled at LIMM is required to join the Student Mentorship Prograrmme. This Mentorship Programme is part of our commitment to students, and ensure that the education received at LIMM is more than academic. The Mentors will ensure that insights and truths learned in the classroom will be applied in real life and church settings.

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