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Dive Deeper. Grow Your Ministry.

We exist to equip Christians to be leaders in their churches and communities through theological education and practical ministry training.

LIMM Training School is owned and operated by ACHETS Ministries. ACHETS Ministries is an arm of ACHETS Incorporated. Leading Ideas and Mentoring for Ministry Training School - LIMM Training School is an affiliate of Biblical University. LIMM Training School is accredited by Asssociation for Christian Higher Education and Theological Schools.


Our desire at LIMM Training School is to provide solid theological training in the context of the local body of Christ to students who simply desire to gain more Bible knowledge and grow spiritually, and for those who have a deep desire and calling on their lives for ministry. LIMM Training School is the alternative for many people who are unable to relocate in order to attend a Bible college because of their employment, financial obligations, current lifestyle commitments, or children’s education. Bible based training through LIMM Training School is the right choice!

Mission & Vision

Founded in 2022 for the purpose of training and equipping the saints for the work of ministry, and to provide students an affordable pathway to earning an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Biblical University, ACHETS Missionary University, or from a choice of respected seminaries in Nigeria and internationally.


To build up the Body of Christ by investing in the spiritual growth of students, and to accelerate their personal and professional development.

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